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Vegas, Triduum, and the Fulfillment of the Covenant

This begins like many life changing stories begin: in a restaurant in Vegas, at a bachelor party. It wasn’t what you think! My dad, brothers, and I had gathered to do a weekend of driving European sports cars on the track before my older brother got married (not in a Vegas chapel). It was awesome.

I'd like to thank our fellow tourist who so generously offered to take our photo and who exercised such tremendous creativity in composing the frame.

At that dinner my little brother and dad dove into Eucharistic theology… like you do when you're at a bachelor party in Vegas. What they unpacked in their discussion blew my mind. They talked about the last supper, the Passover meal, the details of scripture in fulfilling the covenants of salvation history, the connection between the last supper and the words of Christ on the cross. I was floored. I thought I knew, but I didn't know all this.

The source of a lot of this came from the firedhydrant of theological insight himself, Dr. Scott Hahn. Specifically his book and talk by the same name, “The Fourth Cup.”

Want to get way more out of Triduum than you ever have before?

Immerse yourself in this 50 minute talk, pickup the book, or maybe eavesdrop on a conversation next time you are dining in Vegas*.

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